Every Adete garment is crafted from 100% silk. 

To ensure the longevity of your special piece always read the care label carefully before laundering. 

Dry clean or Hand Wash Only 

If choosing to hand wash follow these simple steps to look after your silk pieces 


1. Fill your sink or bucket with cold water, add a small amount of delicate washing detergent and mix the detergent into the water.

(Never pour detergent directly onto the fabric and only use a specific silk or delicates wash)

2. Fully immerse your garment in the water, gently swirl it around and dip in and out of the water. Repeat as necessary depending how much of a wash your piece needs

3. Remove all the water from the sink/bucket, re-fill with cold water and once again swirl your garment around in the water to remove excess detergent.

4. Gently press the garment to remove excess water, but do not wring as this will damage it. 

(we find a delicate and efficient way to remove excess water is to lay the garment flat between a soft towel and gently press into the towel, this helps to absorb any excess water out of your piece and won’t overly crease or pull it out of shape)

5. Lie the garment flat on a clean towel to dry or on a rack and dry out of direct sunlight. 

6. We like to give our pieces a light steam once they are dry just to freshen them up ready for your next wear!